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Funnels and Events

How can we Answer any question?

Stack Analytix can receive many of events that help business to grow through data, also can help developers to know what exactly happens from errors, crashes and Usability issues.
To Build Great Products you should know your users well, Event Center will answer any question such as Why do users drop off?

What are requirements?

First insure Stack Analytix pixel or SDK already setup successfully.

Event APIs Available:

Incase you are using our pixel after the pixel running in your website this js api will be available for you
STKAPP.FireTag("eventcode") //this allow you send custom event for stack analytix also connected to session replay
STKAPP.SessionTag("event_code", {payload object}) //this allow you send custom event for stack analytix attatched with Session Replay
STKAPP.SetUserIdOrEmail("userid")> //this allow you give your user a uniqe user id such as email
STKAPP.SetMetadata("metaKey","meta_value") //You can assign a meta data for user during session recording

What is the difference between FireTag() and SessionTag()

Simply both of them will be applied on Session Replay so you can easily use both of them to filter sessions to reach the useful information/sessions easily.
SessionTag() won't send any data to funnels "Event Center" but FireTag() will do this SessionTag() can accept payload so you can send more data about the user to session replay please notes you can't send any sensitive data about the user and if we found this we may block your account.

Default Events

Our pixel can listen to multiple events such as Add to cart, Checkout Success, Cart Page View, Checkout Page View.
Here is the list of all of these events so you can filter session and build funnels using those events
  • stk_temp_add_to_cart this event represent add to cart event
  • stk_temp_cart_entry this event represent a page view for cart page
  • stk_temp_checkout_entry this event represent a page view for checkout page
  • stk_temp_checkout_thanks this event represent a page view for thanks page or checkout complete page in other world this user is complete their purchase.
We may send default payload such as datetime, user id, page/URL
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